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Nsure36 (N36)


  • Smart Infrared Thermometer
  • 12 Point Temperature Test Area
  • 0.5 Seconds Quick Test
  • LCD Color Display
  • Temperature Alert
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) reader
  • GPS
  • Cellular Connectivity

Ntag36 (N36)


  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Card
  • Sticker
  • You can stick it on your phone, behind ID Card or behind Driving licence

Use of Smart infrared thermometer to monitor and collect temparature data

How Covid-19 has affected day to day activities

The pandemic has affected most of our day to day activities. More people are isolating at homes. This has affected the movement of people from one place to another. When they are on the move, they are urged to observe social distancing and wear masks as protective clothing.

However, not all movement has stopped, as people are easing back into their daily jobs, travelling through public means and doing basic tasks as shopping for goods. While testing and prevention is urged by the government, people may still be infected when they get into contact with an infected person. Thereafter, it becomes difficult to trace everyone who came into contact with the infected person.

This proposal aims to introduce a solution through use of technology to easen contact tracing and boost prevention measures to try and slow down the number of infections from Covid-19. This is achieved through a special smart infrared thermometer that we have developed.

Contact tracing with Nsure 36 (N36)

Most contact tracing methods intrude on a person’s privacy, as they use digital surveillance powers, such as obtaining access to mobile phone location data, threatens privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association. Such surveillance could reduce and impact the trust in authorities and undermine the effectiveness of any public health response. In any capacity, a government should not use its security service resources to track and monitor its citizens, especially in the fight against the corona virus.

We proposed a solution where one is not requested to install an app but individuals shall be issued an NFC card with a unique identity. Businesses, supermarkets, banks, buses and public places will be provided with our Nsure36 (the smart infrared thermometer). Each thermometer is registered to a unique business, social place or transport service provider. Moreover, the Nsure36 has a GPS module that collects geo-location data whenever temperature data is collected.

Individuals will tap their NFC cards or stickers on the Nsure36 when they access public buildings. The data is then sent to the Ministry of Health.


A person’s details are filled on the platform. Then a unique identifier code from the Ntag36 card is linked with their details. The NFC card comes loaded with the unique identifier code. The code is then associated with a person only when they are registered on the platform. The Ntag36 card also has a card number which can be used to speed up replacement if the card gets lost.

A person can also choose to be issued a sticker in stead of the tag. The Ntag36 and the sticker come with QR codes, which reference the Unique Identifier Code.

Once registration is complete, the Ntag36 is now ready to be used together with the Nsure36 thermometer.

Using the Ntag36

When a person’s temperature is taken using the Nsure36 thermometer, they are then required to tap on it with their NFC card. The smart thermometer then sends the temperature reading, the Unique Identifier Code and the geo-location data and the current time to the platform.

Once the data is received, the Unique Identifier Code is used to reference to the person’s details, then the information is saved into a database. When succesful, the Nsure36 will then notify the person incharge of the device, that the data has been submitted succesfully. Only then, can the person proceed to test someone else.

Contact Tracing

When someone has been found to test positive for the virus, people they may have been in contact with can be easily traced.

The person’s Unique Identifier Code can be put into the system to retrieve their recent tests, the location of the tests and time. Then we can look up all the tests from that location and time, and get all the people he or she may have interacted with. This data can then be handed to the relevant authorities who will proceed in tracing them.

This process can be repeated infinitely, until all who may have interacted with an infected person are known and traced. It is an effective method since all data is available and will quicken the tracing efforts.

Merits of the project

Fighting and reducing the number of corona virus infections will receive a boost as people who may be infected can easily be traced.

Employment opportunities to youths and logistics companies, as they will assist in distributing the NFC cards and tags.

The project will be part of stimulating the economy as more people will be able to get back to their daily activities. It will be key towards opening up the economy.

The NFC cards and tags can also be used as a special pass especially during lockdown.