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Enterprise Architecture

Is IT working on business solutions that create competitive advantages in the marketplace? Are companies maximizing the ability of IT to deliver solutions in the most effective and efficient way possible?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a proven, repeatable means to improve the coordination and alignment of IT and business investments to efficiently deliver strategic initiatives.

Many organizations are interested in exploring EA methods as a way to improve alignment between business strategy and the delivery of technology solutions to enable the execution of that strategy.

Employing and managing an EA implementation can seem like a daunting endeavor due to the complexity of typical EA frameworks. However, with our help, it doesn’t have to be.

Enterprise Architecture Services

EA Advisory

We provide the following:

  • Executive mentoring designed to identify functional areas where EA principles may be beneficial, define roll-out and ongoing operational approaches, and provide insights into best practices
  • Roadmap development involving the creation of a detailed rollout plan for implementation and ongoing governance of the EA

EA Implementation

An experienced team cyclically applies the NEAF process to define the future state environment by considering the four layers of an EA solution:

  • Business Processes
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Technology Architectures

Production of a future state vision typically includes data modeling, policy and procedure documentation, data flow creation, and infrastructure standards. This also involves the creation and communication of governance standards and procedures with associated cross-divisional enforcement policies.

EA Sourcing

We provide organizations with trained NEAF practitioners who are able to manage and direct an EA implementation as well as the ongoing operation of the EA process.

Our Enterprise Architecture Framework

To address these concerns, we have developed our own EA framework known as Netcent’s Enterprise Architecture Framework (NEAF). NEAF combines and extends essential elements of the established EA frameworks such as Zachman and TOGAF.

Why is NEAF a better alternative? We’ve made the EA implementation and ongoing governance process simpler, more practical and easier to understand and operate.

Netcent's Enterprise architecture Four Domains


What are the benefits of a properly implemented NEAF process?

  • Achievement of a repeatable process that improves coordination and alignment of IT and business investments
  • Standardized mechanism to prioritize the highest impact IT investments based on defined budget cycle frequency
  • Faster delivery of mission critical IT initiatives via the efficient reuse of enterprise, data and infrastructure standards
  • Increased efficiency in delivery of strategic initiatives
  • Lower overall total cost of ownership across diverse IT Portfolios, including project and application portfolios